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An Unearthly Child

001 An Unearthly Child Revisitation
002 The Cave of Skulls
003 The Forest of Fear
004 The Firemaker
The Daleks
005 The Dead Planet
006 The Survivors
007 The Escape
008 The Ambush
009 The Expedition
010 The Ordeal
011 The Rescue
The Edge of Destruction
012 The Edge of Destruction
013 Brink of Disaster
Marco Polo
014 The Roof of the World
015 The Singing Sands
016 Five Hundred Eyes
017 The Wall of Lies
018 Rider from Shang-Tu
019 Mighty Kublai Khan
020 Assassin At Peking
The Keys of Marinus
021 The Sea of Death
022 The Velvet Web
023 The Screaming Jungle
024 The Snows of Terror
025 Sentence of Death
026 The Keys of Marinus
The Aztecs
027 The Temple of Evil
028 The Warriors of Death
029 The Bride of Sacrifice
030 The Day of Darkness
The Sensorites
031 Strangers in Space
032 The Unwilling Warriors
033 Hidden Danger
034 A Race Against Death
035 Kidnap
036 A Desperate Venture
The Reign of Terror
037 A Land of Fear
038 Guests of Madame Guillotine
039 A Change of Identity
040 The Tyrant of France
041 A Bargain of Necessity
042 Prisoners of Conciergerie
Planet of Giants
043 Planet of Giants
044 Dangerous Journey
045 Crisis
The Dalek Invasion of Earth
046 World's End
047 The Daleks
048 Day of Reckoning
049 The End of Tomorrow
050 The Waking Ally
051 Flashpoint
The Rescue
052 The Powerful Enemy
053 Desperate Measures
The Romans
054 The Slave Traders
055 All Roads Lead to Rome
056 Conspiracy
057 Inferno
The Web Planet
058 The Web Planet
059 The Zarbi
060 Escape to Danger
061 Crater of Needles
062 Invasion
063 The Centre
The Crusade
064 The Lion
065 The Knight of Jaffa
066 The Wheel of Fortune
067 The War-Lords
The Space Museum
068 The Space Museum
069 The Dimensions of Time
070 The Search
071 The Final Phase
The Chase
072 The Executioners
073 The Death of Time
074 Flight Through Eternity
075 Journey Into Terror
076 The Death of Doctor Who
077 The Planet of Decision
The Time Meddler
078 The Watcher
079 The Meddling Monk
080 A Battle of Wits
081 Checkmate
Galaxy 4
082 Four Hundred Dawns
083 Trap of Steel
084 Airlock Revisitation
085 The Exploding Planet
Mission to the Unknown
086 Mission to the Unknown
The Myth Makers
087 Temple of Secrets
088 Small Prophet, Quick Return
089 Death of a Spy
090 Horse of Destruction
The Daleks' Master Plan
091 The Nightmare Begins
092 Day of Armageddon
093 Devil's Planet
094 The Traitors
095 Counter Plot
096 Coronas of the Sun
097 The Feast of Steven
098 Volcano
099 Golden Death
100 Escape Switch
101 The Abandoned Planet
102 Destruction of Time
The Massacre
103 War of God
104 The Sea Beggar
105 Priest of Death
106 Bell of Doom
The Ark
107 The Steel Sky
108 The Plague
109 The Return
110 The Bomb
The Celestial Toymaker
111 The Celestial Toyroom
112 Hall of Dolls
113 The Dancing Floor
114 The Final Test
The Gunfighters
115 A Holiday for the Doctor
116 Don't Shoot the Pianist
117 Johnny Ringo
118 The O.K. Corral
The Savages
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The War Machines
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The Moonbase
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The Tomb of the Cybermen
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The Abominable Snowmen
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The Ice Warriors
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184 Five
185 Six
The Enemy of the World
186 Episode One Revisitation
187 Episode Two Revisitation
188 Episode Three Revisitation
189 Episode Four Revisitation
190 Episode Five Revisitation
191 Episode Six Revisitation
The Web of Fear
192 Episode One Revisitation
193 Episode Two Revisitation
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195 Episode Four Revisitation
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197 Episode Six Revisitation
Fury from the Deep
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The Invasion
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The Krotons
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The Seeds of Death
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The Space Pirates
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The War Games
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Spearhead from Space
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Doctor Who and the Silurians
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The Ambassadors of Death
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Terror of the Autons
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The Mind of Evil
283 Episode One
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286 Episode Four
287 Episode Five
288 Episode Six
The Claws of Axos
289 Episode One
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291 Episode Three
292 Episode Four
Colony in Space
293 Episode One
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297 Episode Five
298 Episode Six
The Dæmons
299 Episode One
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Day of the Daleks
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The Curse of Peladon
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The Sea Devils
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The Mutants
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Frontier in Space
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The Green Death
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Death to the Daleks
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The Monster of Peladon
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Planet of the Spiders
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Planet of Evil
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Pyramids of Mars
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The Android Invasion
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The Brain of Morbius
418 Part One
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421 Part Four
The Seeds of Doom
422 Part One
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427 Part Six
The Masque of Mandragora
428 Part One
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The Hand of Fear
432 Part One
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435 Part Four
The Deadly Assassin
436 Part One
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439 Part Four
The Face of Evil
440 Part One
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443 Part Four
The Robots of Death
444 Part One
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447 Part Four
The Talons of Weng-Chiang
448 Part One
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451 Part Four
452 Part Five
453 Part Six
Horror of Fang Rock
454 Part One
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457 Part Four
The Invisible Enemy
458 Part One
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461 Part Four
Image of the Fendahl
462 Part One
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465 Part Four
The Sun Makers
466 Part One
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The Invasion of Time
474 Part One
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The Ribos Operation
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The Pirate Planet
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The Stones of Blood
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The Androids of Tara
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The Power of Kroll
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The Armageddon Factor
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Destiny of the Daleks
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City of Death
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The Creature from the Pit
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Nightmare of Eden
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The Horns of Nimon
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The Leisure Hive
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Full Circle
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State of Decay
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Warriors' Gate
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Mawdryn Undead
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The Awakening
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Resurrection of the Daleks
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Planet of Fire
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The Caves of Androzani
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The Twin Dilemma
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Attack of the Cybermen
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Vengeance on Varos
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The Mark of the Rani
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The Two Doctors
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Trial a Timelord
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Time and the Rani
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Paradise Towers
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Delta and the Bannermen
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Remembrance of the Daleks
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The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
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Ghost Light
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The Curse of Fenric
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The Movie
702 The Movie

Thursday, 26 March 2015

703 Rose

TRANSMITTED: Saturday 26 March 2005
WRITER: Russell T Davies
DIRECTOR: Keith Boak
PRODUCER: Phil Collinson
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner & Mal Young
RATINGS: 10.81 million viewers
DVD: Doctor Who: Series 1 - Volume 1: Rose, The End of the World & The Unquiet Dead / Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 1 Box Set

"Nice to meet you Rose, run for your life!"

Rose Tyler goes about her day normally, waking at 7:30, going to her job at Henricks department store, meeting her boyfriend Mickey Smith for lunch in Trafalgar square. But as she searches for Wilson the store electrician in the basement she is menaced by a number of shop mannequins that suddenly come to life. She is rescued by a leather jacket clad stranger who tells her that he is the Doctor before returning to destroy the shop, the mannequins and the transmitter on the roof. The next day the Doctor shows up at her house where he is attacked by a shop dummy arm that Rose had brought home with her. He deactivates and tells Rose to forget about him before walking down the street and disappearing. Rose searches the internet for information on this Doctor leading her to Clive, a man who has been tracking him through appearances at the Kennedy assassination, the Titanic and Krakatoa. While she is in Clive's house, Mickey, who is waiting outside, is attacked by a wheelie bin and swallowed up, replaced by a duplicate. The duplicate Mickey, who is acting strangely, takes Rose out for dinner, but starts interrogating her about the Doctor. The Doctor arrives and deactivates the Mickey duplicate removing his head. He takes Rose and the head to the Tardis and uses the head to track the rough location of the force controlling it to central London. Materialising on the Embankment he starts hunting for a transmitter dish but Rose suggests the Millennium wheel. Underneath they find a base being used by the Nestene Conciousness which intends to take over the Earth controlling the plastic Manquins. The Doctor negotiates with it but it refuses to cooperate having in it's possesion the Tardis. It sends out a signal activating shop maniquins all over the country which burst through windows and start killing the population. Rose saves the Doctor, held captive, by knocking the anti plastic solution he prepared into the Nestene conciousness. She, the Doctor & Mickey escape in the Tardis as the base is consumed in an explosion. Mickey is disturbed by what he has seen and experienced, with the inside of the Tardis being the last straw. The Doctor offers to take Rose with him to explore the universe but she refuses so he leaves, returning a moment later and telling her the Tardis also travels in time. Rose kisses Mickey goodbye and runs off towards the Tardis......

The first episode of the new series was an important one to get right and I think Rose delivers in spades. But where the 1996 Movie starts by focusing on the Doctor and the Tardis and the unusual this time round we focus on an ordinary girl living an oprdinary life..... until things start going wrong. Here the choice of monster for the episode is crucial: The Autons (never mentioned by name) are fabulous for just hiding there in plain site until they suddenly start moving. They're a great choice for an old series monster to bring back here, instead of a bigger name, for that very reason. And into this there's our new Doctor doing what he does best: saving the companion and defeating the monster. And that's just the first 10-15 minutes. But that intiail sequence is just done so well. Yes there's some missteps after that: the cgi and the burping on the Mickey being eaten by the wheelie bin sequence, the plastic looking fake Mickey and Noel Clarke's acting as the fake Mickey, all of which look liked failed attempts at humour (see also Aliens of London & World War Three filmed at the same time) And for me I think the ending has trouble: It's Rose who points out to the doctor the Millennium Wheel and then saves him from the Autons which just feels wrong somehow. But Rose is our identification figure here and must be shown to be the hero....

The story hommages the Auton's previous TV appearances in a big way: we get a remake of the famous scene with Autons coming to life and bursting through shop windows from Spearhead from Space with the Millennium Wheel serving as a reference to the Radar Dish extensively seen in Terror of the Autons. The Nestene Conciousness also gives us the first appearance of this season's linking theme when it utters the words Bad Wolf. However the original version of this episode has the audio for this sequence and the audio level is raised in the DVD version.

There's also a nice nod to the Doctor Who: The Discontinuity Guide, a publication examining all the original Doctor Who stories. In it there's a section that tries to work out what day of the week the school segments of an Unearthly Child take place on. So here we get Rose collecting the money to buy lottery tickets at work..... which means it has to be a Wednesday or Saturday.... but Rose would have gone to work at the same time the next day so that points to it being a Wednesday .....

The main creative force behind this revival of Doctor Who is Russell T Davies, listed as writer & executive producer on this episode, but effectively filling the US "show runner" role. Davies worked in children's television at the BBC, including Why Don't You? and a one off presenting job on Play School alongside Chloe Ashcroft (Laird in Resurrection of the Daleks). He made his name as a writer on the children's series Dark Season, Century Falls & Children's Ward, producing a Virgin New Adventures novel Damaged Goods before moving into adult drama with Revelations, Springhill & The Grand. The ground breaking Queer as Folk brought him public recognition and critical acclaim before he went on to work create Bob & Rose & The Second Coming. He was lured to the BBC where he wrote Casanova, a production he'd started for fellow executive producer Julie Gardner while she was still at LWT. Casanova starred young actor David Tennant in his first major starring role (We will hear much more of him later) and started airing not much before Doctor Who did.

Hotly debated in the run up to production was who would be cast as the Doctor & his companion. Many names were bandied around including Comic Relief Doctor Hugh Grant, former Davies collaborator Alan Davies (whose Jonathan Creek is widely seen as one of the longest auditions for the role of Doctor Who ever!) and popular film actor Bill Nighy, who the Daily Mail famously announced as the Doctor in early editions of their paper on the day the news that Christopher Eccleston had been cast broke. Ecclestone was known to television viewers from Cracker & Our Friends in the North (where the producer's secretary was a young Julie Gardner) as well as the films Let Him Have It & Shallow Grave. He'd previously worked with Davies as the lead role in Second Coming which also features Mark Benton appearing here as Clive. Meanwhile the role of companion went to former pop star Billie Piper to some consternation. However Piper had attended Stage School prior to her pop career and had recently featured in the BBC's modern adaptation of The Canterbury Tales: The Miller's Tale to good notices from all who saw it.

This episode introduces two supporting cast members who'll feature on and off over the next couple of years Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler and Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith. But there's also a few people here who we'll be seeing or hearing a lot of in different roles. Nicholas Briggs, who'd made his name as a voice artist for fan productions and then more recently for Big Finish makes his debut as the voice of the Nestene Consciousness. He'll return as the Dalek voices in Dalek, Bad Wolf, The Parting of the Ways, Army of Ghosts, Doomsday, Daleks in Manhattan, Evolution of the Daleks, The Stolen Earth, Journey's End, Victory of the Daleks, The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang & The Wedding of River Song, Cybermen voices in Rise of the Cybermen, The Age of Steel, Army of Ghosts, Doomsday, The Next Doctor, The Pandorica Opens, A Good Man Goes to War & Closing Time, Judoon voices in Smith & Jones, The Stolen Earth, The End of Time & The Pandorica Opens as well as in the The Sarah Jane Adventures episode Prisoner of the Judoon where he's also Captain Tybo's voice, plus the Jagrafess voice in The Long Game and National Museum Pandorica video narrator in The Big Bang. He's even got an in front of camera appearance as Rick Yates in Torchwood Children of Earth: Day Four. His Dalek work here led to him providing the replacement Dalek voices on the Doctor Who - Day of the Daleks Special Edition DVD. In front of camera this is the first appearance of Paul Kasey who becomes the King of the Monster Actors in New Doctor Who appearing as (very deep breath) Coffa in The End of the World, Jocrassa Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen and Sip Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen in Aliens of London / World War Three, Zu-Zana in Bad Wolf, Clockwork Droid in The Girl in the Fireplace, Cyberman, Cyber-Leader and Cyber-Controller in Rise of the Cybermen, The Age of Steel, Army of Ghosts, Doomsday & The Next Doctor, Ood in The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit & Planet of the Ood, Hoix in Love & Monsters, Robot Santas in The Christmas Invasion & The Runaway Bride, Judoon captain in Smith and Jones, The Stolen Earth & The Pandorica Opens, Pig slave in Evolution of the Daleks, Host in Voyage of the Damned, Ood Sigma in Planet of the Ood, The Waters of Mars & The End of Time, Hath Peck in The Doctor's Daughter, Sorvin in Planet of the Dead, Nephew in The Doctor's Wife, Albert Einstein Ood in Death is the Only Answer, and the Wooden Queen in The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. He's in Torchwood as various Weevils, the Blowfish and another appearance as the Hoix, plus a host of appearances as Slitheen and other aliens in The Sarah Jane Adventures. Alan Ruscoe, the Lead Auton, also repeatedly appears in the first series featuring in The End of the World as Lute, Aliens of London & World War Three as Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen, in Bad Wolf as Trine-E and Bad Wolf & The Parting of the Ways as the Anne Droid. He returns in The Waters of Mars as Andy Stone and has also appeared as Daultay Dofine, Lott Dod and Plo Koon in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. David Sant, another Auton, also returns as Slitheen in the Doctor Who stories Aliens of London and World War Three which were filmed in the same recording block as this episode.

The location filming for this episode took place in Cardiff, near to the production's BBC Wales base, and in London for some authentic London shots. It was in London that things went very wrong, the details of which have never been fully revealed by rumours circulate of arguments on set. Russell T Davies speaks in his book Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter (we'll be referring to this a lot, it's one of our text book references for the new series so buy a copy) of how producer Phil Collinson rang Executive Producer Julie Gardner at the end of the first week in tears: the production was in so much trouble that they were already 3 weeks behind. Julie Gardner sent Production Manager Tracie Simpson to London who got the production back on track. Davies credits Simpson as one of the unsung heroes of the program. It should be noted that the director of this first recording block, Keith Boak, didn't work on the series again after this and the other two episode in the block, Aliens of London & World War Three, were completed.

In the weeks leading up to the episode's broadcast it was extensively publicised and trailed by the BBC but what probably helped it the most (although I'm sure the BBC don't see it that way) was when an unfinished copy escaped onto torrent sites on the internet. It doesn't have the correct version of the titles and is missing some effects but die hard Doctor Who fans got to see it a few days early and by the day of broadcast the word of mouth concerning the new production was very good leading to huge viewing figure for the BBC.

Transmission of the episode itself was slightly spoilt for viewers when the audio feed for Strictly Dance Fever hosted by Graham Norton was played over a crucial early scene.

Rose was released on DVD with the following 2 episodes The End of the World & The Unquiet Dead as Doctor Who: Series 1 - Volume 1 on 16th May 2005 and in the Doctor Who - The Complete BBC Series 1 Box Set on 21st November 2005.