Friday 17 December 2010

025 The Keys of Marinus Part 5: Sentence of Death

EPISODE: The Keys of Marinus Part 5: Sentence of Death
TRANSMITTED: 09 May 1964
WRITER: Terry Nation
DIRECTOR: John Gorrie
SCRIPT EDITOR: David Whitaker
PRODUCER: Verity Lambert
FORMAT: DVD: Doctor Who - The Keys Of Marinus

Ian waked up to find himself a prisoner of the Guardian Tarron (Nation will use several similar names in his stories in years to come) in the city of Millenius. Tarron does not believe his story and arrests Ian for the murder. Presumed guilty, Ian must prove his innocence or die. The other travellers see Ian - they are yet to find Altos' friend Eprin or the Doctor. Fortunately the Doctor turns up at that moment - Hartnell refreshed by a fortnight's fishing - and announces HE will defend Ian. In court the Doctor obtains two days to investigate. The murdered man was Eprin, Altos' friend who was working with the Doctor. The Doctor claims to know who stole the key and killed Eprin. He reconstructs the events with the companions. They conclude that Aydan, one of the guards first on the scene must have stolen the key. Susan & Barbara visit Kala, the wife of Aydan, who tells them how the key came to be here. Aydan arrives and threatens them, accidentally giving himself away. When they leave he hits his wife. A man named Eyesen is seen conferring with his associates over the phone. Returning to the court the Doctor claims the murderer is present. Under interrogation in court Kala produces the key and reveals Aydan is the murderer who is promptly shot. The court believes Ian is still guilty and pronounces sentence. Barbara takes a phone call from Susan who is being held by unknown assailants who are threatening to kill her.

What a boring episode. Doctor Who does court room drama and not very well at that! Having seen the episode again maybe that explains why I thought the story so bad on previous viewings!

A couple of familiar faces here: Donald Pickering (Eyesen) will be back in the Faceless Ones and Time & The Rani, while Fiona Walker (Kala), in a very early acting job here, returns as Lady Peniforte in Silver Nemesis.

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