Thursday 14 April 2011

143 The Highlanders: Part Three

EPISODE: The Highlanders: Part Three
TRANSMITTED: 31 December 1966
WRITER: Elwyn Jones & Gerry Davis
DIRECTOR: Hugh David
PRODUCER: Innes Lloyd
FORMAT: CD: Doctor Who: The Highlanders
TELESNAPS: The Highlanders: Part Three

Ben, Jamie & the Laird are put in the Annabelle's hold where they find Mackay, the ship's true captain known to the McClaren's who was betrayed by Trask. Polly & Kirsty disguise themselves as orange sellers. ffinch arrives at the Sea Eagle in where the Doctor is still disguised as an old woman. Polly & Kirsty finds ffinch who tells them to talk to Grey about their friends. Perkins, Grey's clerk arrives and they talk to him. Grey is on the Annabelle compelling the prisoners to turn King's evidence or be deported to the West Indies on a seven year contract. MacKay warns against signing but all the other Scotsmen bar Jamie, the Laird and Ben do. Ben tears the contracts up. The disguised Doctor contacts the girls in the tavern and they make plans to buy weapons which the Doctor then acquires. They're going to row them out to the Annabelle. The Doctor discovers Kirsty's ring and reveals it to be Prince Charlie's. Ben is bound and thrown overboard for his disobedience.

This episode was almost as boring as the last one but towards the end Troughton starts being the Doctor rather than mucking bout disguised as a woman and it picks up rapidly then.

So did the Doctor Who team get a nice trip to Scotland to authentically location film this story? No. They went to Frensham Ponds, in Surrey for three days on the 14th, 15th & 21st November 1966. As far as I can recall Doctor Who has never been to Scotland to film despite two of it's leading men and one companion having hailed from that part of the United Kingdom.

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  1. I missed thiis at the time: There's 108 missing episodes of Doctor Who. This is the 54th missing episode we've come across so we're half way through them now.