Friday 15 July 2011

235 The Seeds of Death: Episode Four

EPISODE: The Seeds of Death: Episode Four
TRANSMITTED: 15 February 1969
WRITER: Brian Hayles (and Terrance Dicks)
DIRECTOR: Michael Ferguson
SCRIPT EDITOR: Terrance Dicks
PRODUCER: Peter Bryant
FORMAT: DVD: Doctor Who Revisitations Box Set - Volume 2 (Seeds of Death, Carnival of Monsters & Resurrection of the Daleks)

When the seed explodes it produces a gas killing technician Brent. Commander Radnor has the air vented. The Ice Warriors dispatch more seeds to T-Mat centres all over Earth. Outside the London T-Mat control the vented gas settles on the ground and turns to foam. Slaar orders the Doctor t-mated into space but Jamie & Phipps rescue him by opening the back of the T-Mat capsule. Bubbles form in the foam exploding and spreading the foam further. Reports come in of other T-Mat technicians killed, like Brent, by Oxygen starvation. An Ice Warrior T-Mats into the London HQ rampaging through the complex killing several guards. Zoe volunteers to climb through the narrow vent to get to heating controls in Moonbase control. The Ice Warrior continues it's rampage outside T-Mat Control on into the foam. Professor Eldred realises that the Ice Warriors have only had poda sent to currently cold cities. Miss Kelly & Jamie are found in the energy store by an Ice Warrior. Technician Fewsham provides a distraction to allow Zoe to turn up the temperature control but she is caught returning to the vent...

Oooh, the Doctor's unconscious all episode, can you tell that Troughton's on holiday this week? While he's gone we get lots of activity helping to make up for the first few episodes and another outing for the foam machine, this time pumping foam all over the location on Hampstead Heath.

Brent, killed in the opening moments of this episode is played by Ric Felgate who was Roy Stone in The War Machines and returns as Van Lyden in The Ambassadors of Death. All three stories are directed by Michael Ferguson. Two other members of the human playing cast who return to Doctor Who are Ronald Leigh-Hunt who is playing Commander Radnor and will be back as Commander Stevenson in Revenge of the Cybermen and Christopher Coll who is Phipps here and Stubbs in The Mutants. Professor Eldred is played by Philip Ray who was born in 1897 and so is one of the earliest born actors to appear in Doctor Who,

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