Wednesday, 12 January 2011


We found out what 2011's Doctor Who DVD releases would be yesterday. Well in the Doctor Who Magazine article they say there was an 11th re-release planned but shelved.

classicdw the twitter account of Dan Hall, manager of the DW DVD, range tweeted this earlier:
Some speculation as to the Eleventh (dropped) revisitation title. Full points to those who guessed it was #cdwvaros.

Vengeance on Varos has faulty Production Subtitles (they disappear halfway through, no documentary and a re-release was thought to be the obvious home for the Tomorrow's Times feature for the 6th Doctor.

Dan Hall later tweeted:
As promised in this month's DWM, happy to reconsider if there is a groundswell. will track #releasevaros for the next few weeks to see.

So if you've got a twitter account tweet #releasevaros to get it released.

While we're at it it'd be nice to sort out what's going on with the missing episode stories - DWM mentions them but isn't clear what's happening. So tweet #releasereignofterror #release10thplanet & #releaseicewarriors and show your support for releasing these!

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