Wednesday 23 November 2011

Happy Doctor Who Day!

Happy 48th Anniversary everyone! Who's watching an Unearthly Child later today?

It's also the first anniversary of me starting the blog. We started for proper a year ago today with Unearthly Child and somehow the blog hasn't missed a day since despite holidays & a convention taking me away from home and the best efforts of BTInternet! For the highlights of the year I suggest you read Episode 134 Tenth Planet Part 4 and 253 War Games Episode 10 which sum up the first two Doctors eras. The last Pertwee story is fast approaching so they'll be a summary of the high & low lights of the Third Doctor's Era then..... but let's just say that INFERNO is the best story we've seen so far.

We've got nearly another year to go with the original episodes: see The Long Game for a list of dates which we're still on track for. And we're likely to be on track for some while yet: Although I'm publishing Death to the Daleks part 1 today. I might just be a tinsy tiny bit ahead with my viewing. How far? Well let's just say that Eldrad must Live and leave it at that ;-)

Anyway I hop you're enjoying reading this still: The blog numbers show I've got a steady readership. Thanks to my regular commentators here and elsewhere: much appreciated, it's always nice to know you're reading.

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