Tuesday 28 February 2012

463 Image of the Fendahl Part Two

EPISODE: Image of the Fendahl Part Two
TRANSMITTED: 05 November 1977
WRITER: Chris Boucher
DIRECTOR: George Spenton-Foster
SCRIPT EDITOR: Robert Holmes
PRODUCER: Graham Williams
FORMAT: DVD: Doctor Who - Image of the Fendahl

The Doctor escapes the power holding him. Leela was shot at by Ted Moss, she wrestles the gun from him but both are caught by Jack Tyler wanting to know what they are doing in Gran's cottage on the estate. Colby find Ransome in an entranced state and entering the kitchen they find security team leader Mitchell dead, also with a blister on his neck. The Doctor enters as Thea collapses to the floor glowing with snake like creatures materialising near her before vanishing. The Doctor identifies them as embryo Fendahleen from the destroyed fifth planet in the solar system. Doctor Fendelman has the Doctor locked up. Leela tells her story to Jack Tyler who sends Ted Moss, who'd come for something from Mrs Tyler, on his way. Colby decides to call the police but finds the phone line cut. Fendelman tells them he believe the skull is extra terrestrial in origin. The Doctor escapes and overheard Stael & Moss talking: they are both members of a local coven. Ted Moss' Gran returns, scared out of her wits. Fendelman has found a pentagram in the structure of the skull by X-raying it. Thea finds herself drawn towards the X-Ray image, but is found by Stael who chloroforms her saying she is the chosen one. The Doctor finds the skull which starts to glow in his presence and draws his hand towards it....

In an odd way this is feeling a little "bitty" and isn't flowing that well for me so far. Sorry. Not a lot of Doctor and not a lot of Leela in the episode, and they spend no time together.

Dr. Fendelman is played by Denis Lill who'll return as Sir George Hutchinson in The Awakening. Famous for his role in Survivors, he used to live in my former home town of Kingston and one of my brothers went to school with his daughter. Maximilian Stael is played by Scott Fredericks who previously was Boaz in Day of the Daleks. Like the Hiker in episode 1, Graham Simpson, he also appears in the Blake's 7 episode Weapon. Wanda Ventham okays Thea Ransome. She'll e familiar to science fiction fans as Col. Virginia Lake in the later half of UFO and returns to Doctor Who as Faroon in Time and the Rani. She's the mother of Benedict Cumberbatch, TV's Sherlock. Probably the most famous face in this, to the general public at least, is Geoffrey Hinsliff, playing Jack Tyler. He'll be back as Fisk in Nightmare of Eden but spent several years playing Don Brennan in Coronation Street.

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