Sunday 20 May 2012

545 State of Decay Part Two

EPISODE: State of Decay Part Two
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 29 November 1980
WRITER: Terrance Dicks
DIRECTOR: Peter Moffatt
SCRIPT EDITOR: Christopher H. Bidmead
PRODUCER: John Nathan-Turner
RATINGS: 5.3 million viewers
FORMAT: DVD: Doctor Who: The E-Space Trilogy (Full Circle / State of Decay / Warrior's Gate)

The Doctor & Romana are captured by guards and taken to the tower, where they meet the Three Who Rule: Zargo, Aukon & Camilla. Camilla takes a great interest when Romana cuts herself. Theorising that the tower is the remains of the starship Hydrax, the Doctor & Romana explore and find a still functioning scout ship forming the top of the tower. Aukon stages another "selection" and takes Adric from the inn. Descending to the depths of the castle the Doctor & Romana find vats of human blood and hear a pounding heartbeat from elsewhere in the underground cavern. Aukon enters and welcomes them to his domain....

That wasn't bad at all, rather enjoyed that (even though the viewing of the episode got a bit disturbed for various reasons). Some really nice stuff in there, the Castle being the ship and the rulers being the original officers. Then we get bellow for the blood and the heartbeat and we're in real Hammer Horror territory.

By an odd coincidence Bray Studios, the home of Hammer Films, isn't that far from the locations used in this story. All the exterior scenes here were filmed at Burnham Beaches just north of the M4 at Maidnehead/Slough and Bray is just a little south of the motorway.

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