Sunday 21 November 2010

The Long Game

Someone asked me yesterday how long this will take me to do.....

Well if I stick to my schedule, which includes K9 & Company, the McGann Movie and Shada, then there's 703 episodes to watch which will take me to 25/10/2012.

Some notable landmarks on the way:

First Dalek episode: Episode 5 on 27/11/2010 (yes, that early!)
First episode missing from video archive: Episode 14 on 06/12/2010
First Cybermen episode: Episode 131 on 02/04/2011
First Patrick Troughton episode : Episode 135 on 06/04/2011
Last episode missing from video archive: Episode 243 on 23/07/2011
First Jon Pertwee & First Colour episode: Episode 254 on 03/08/2011
First Tom Baker episode: Episode 382 on 09/12/2011
First Peter Davison episode: Episode 561 on 05/06/2012
First Colin Baker episode: Episode 630 on 13/08/2012
First Sylvester McCoy episode: Episode 661 on 13/09/2012
McGann Movie: Episode 703 on 25/10/2012


  1. I, also, was going to ask how long it would take, but blogspot ate my comment :-/

  2. Boo.

    Looks like it works now though.

    And that count is without any Ecclestone/Tennant/Smith episodes !

  3. Don't forget the Sarah Jane Adventures:>

  4. Not if I can help it! Not a fan. Watched a few at the start and not seen it since. Got all the episodes guest starring DT & MS sitting onnthe PVR unwatched

  5. Wow...when you originally said you were doing this, I hadn't quite realised it would take that long.

    Of course, the real test will be if you finish before Mr. Dismukes finishes watching B5 ;)

  6. How long has he been doing it and how far has he got?

  7. He started July 26th and he just got to season 2, episode 10 today.

  8. He's averaging an episode every 3 days or so. He shouldfinish July next year some time.