Wednesday 17 November 2010

Me & Who

.... well "Who & I" as a title was already taken.

Born 4th May 1973, the day before Planet of the Daleks part 5 was transmitted.

My earliest memories of Doctor Who are c1977 when I was scared by a morning showing of the Dalek Invasion of Earth movie.  2 things stick in my mind: a legion of Daleks blowing up a shed and the companion being chased down a tunnel by a giant ball.

I can remember my uncle and cousins coming over one night and watching Doctor Who.....  K9 was in a tunnel.....  So we reckon that's probably an episode of the Sunmakers.

I definitely saw episode 4 of the Ribos Operation on transmission and from Pirate Planet onwards watched all that season, and I recall the summer repeats of Pirate Planet & Androids of Tara.

The end of Destiny of the Daleks 1 scared me to death and I didn't watch again till Horns of the Nimon, catching Destiny & City of Death in the summer repeats......   The next year I didn't see anything till towards the end of Warriors Gate and watched nearly every episode from there.

What happens next on TV pops up very early on our journey through the episodes so I'll mention it there .....

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