Friday 10 December 2010

018 Marco Polo Part 5: Rider from Shang-Tu

EPISODE: Marco Polo Part 5: Rider from Shang-Tu
TRANSMITTED: 21 March 1964
WRITER: John Lucarotti
DIRECTOR: Waris Hussein
SCRIPT EDITOR: David Whitaker
PRODUCER: Verity Lambert
FORMAT: CD Doctor Who: The Lost TV Episodes Collection: (1964-1965)

In the forest is Tegana's ally Accobat and some bandits. The Doctor wish to flee in the Tardis but Ian goes to warn Marco Polo.

Hmm the recording of this episode is a bit rough! I'm struggling to hear this. It does pick up a bit but fluctuates after that.

Ian creates a plan for a diversion by flinging Bamboo on the fire which should explode. Bandits attack and just as the travellers are being overpowered the bamboo explodes. After they travel through the forest onto the plain beyond. Polo frees his prisoners but extracts a promise from them not to try to escape. The Tardis crew are further convinced of Tegana's guilt & treachery. A courier from the Khan arrives to speak with Marco unwittingly causing Ping Cho to discover the location of the TARDIS keys. Polo has received orders to proceed without delay to Shang-Tu. They stop at another Way Station at Cheng-Ting. The Innkeeper has stashed the TARDIS in the stables which earns the Doctor's wrath.

The Innkeeper at the Way Station is easily the campest character to appear in Doctor Who so far !

Tegana and an accomplice plot to steel the TARDIS from the stables. Ping Cho steals the TARDIS keys for Susan. The TARDIS crew make to sneak away at night, Susan goes to say goodbye to Ping Cho, but within reach of the TARDIS when she is seized by Tegana.

Missing Episodes 5) Tape Recording

Even back in the 60s there were Doctor Who fans and some of them wanted to experience their favourite TV show time and again. Video Recorders didn't exist then so what they did was record the soundtracks of the episodes, sometimes by putting the microphone up against the TV speaker or, in at least one case, wiring their tape recorder into the TV sound output. Years later these Soundtracks started being passed between fans. The BBC borrowed some recordings and released five best selling cassettes in the early 1990s, then in the late 1999 started a regular CD release of these stories which now means all the missing story soundtracks are available. Boxed set releases of these stories have now commenced, staring with CD: Doctor Who - The Lost TV Episodes Collection: (1964-1965) No. 1 which contains Marco Polo, The Reign of Terror, The Crusade, Galaxy 4 and The Myth Makers

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