Saturday 4 December 2010

Doctor Who on DVD in 2011 - Phil's Ark worries are over!

I've had my eyes on the DVD release dates for 2011 for a bit. I've known The Ark was coming but wasn't sure if it'd be out by the time I got there - currently projected as 9th March. Well this morning the pre-orders went up and I'm safe, I won't have to watch that on VHS again :-)

Here's when the first three releases of 2011 are due:

10th Jan: Meglos

31st Jan: The Mutants

14th Feb: The Ark

Also in the works are Revisitations Volume 2 (Seeds of Death, Carnival of Monsters and Resurrection of the Daleks), Mara Tales (Kinda/Snake Dance), Day of the Daleks, a new Spearhead from Space believed to be in a boxset with Terror of the Autons and the Planet of Spiders.

Revisitations Volume 3 is *believed* to contain Tomb of the Cybermen. Vengeance on Varos (mistake with the production subtitles), Three Doctors (repeated episode ending) and Robots of Death (early release, boring commentary, no documentary) are other good candidates.


  1. I think I've seen Tomb of the Cybermen. Is that in black n white.

    BTW. You should set up a second blog to cross post your toy reviews :D


  2. It is. and it's great

    yeah, have thought of that

  3. Ken:

  4. My copy of The Ark on video got zapped after about the second viewing, so haven't seen it for yonks. Same goes for The War Machines - I need to get that one on DVD soon...