Wednesday 13 April 2011

142 The Highlanders: Part Two

EPISODE: The Highlanders: Part Two
TRANSMITTED: 24 December 1966
WRITER: Elwyn Jones & Gerry Davis
DIRECTOR: Hugh David
PRODUCER: Innes Lloyd
FORMAT: CD: Doctor Who: The Highlanders
TELESNAPS: The Highlanders: Part Two

Polly's visitor turns out to be Kirsty who tries to rescue her, but falls in too. ffinch finds them but he too falls in and they take him prisoner. At Inverness The Doctor, Ben, Jamie and the Laird have been thrown in a dank cell. The Doctor discovers Bonnie Prince Charles' standard on the Laird's person and calls for the guards to take it to Grey. Polly & Kirsty blackmail ffinch and steel his identity documents. Grey orders Captain Trask to load the prisoners onto his ship for deportation. Gaining access to Grey the Doctor overpowers him, hides him then tricks Perkins into believing he is ill. ffinch is found by his Sergeant who turns the situation to his monetary gain. Trask releases Grey but misses the Doctor now disguised as a scullery maid. Jamie Ben & the Laird are taken to Trask's ship, the Annabelle, where Trask punishes a fellow prisoner by throwing him bound overboard to drown.

Sorry it bored me to tears this one. You're meant to laugh at Troughton's German accent and dressing up. I didn't. Oh look it's a historical story and we're back on boats AGAIN.

Playing Kirsty is Hannah Gordon, in an early television role. She'll go on to make a name for herself in Upstairs Downstairs with Jean Marsh, of the Crusade and Dalek Masterplan.

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