Friday 22 April 2011

2011 DVD Update

Time for an update to the 2011 DVD schedule. Here's what's planned for release over the next few months:

18/04/2011 Planet of the Spiders
09/05/2011 Mannequin Mania: Spearhead from Space & Terror of the Autons
30/05/2011 Frontios
20/06/2011 Earth Story: The Gunfighters & The Awakening
11/07/2011 New Series 6 - Part 1 Episodes 1-7 DVD and Blu-ray
18/07/2011 Paradise Towers
01/08/2011 The Sun Makers
12/09/2011 Day of the Daleks

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Known to be on the menu for later in the year is Revisitations III (Tomb of the Cybermen, Three Doctors and Robots of Death), Series 6 - Part 2 (episodes 8-13) and the Complete Series 6.

The Classic DW Twitter Feed keeps giving hints about next year's releases. So far we known The Sensorites, Reign of Terror, Planet of Giants, The Krotons, Ambassadors of Death (postponed from 2011), Death to the Daleks, Terror of the Zygons, Vengeance on Varos Special Edition, Ace boxset: Dragonfire & Happiness Patrol and (separately) Greatest Show In The Galaxy are in the works

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  1. I should pre-order Paradise Towers. It is released a week after my birthday.

    Gotta love the Kangs!