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165 The Evil of the Daleks: Episode Three

EPISODE: The Evil of the Daleks: Episode Three
TRANSMITTED: 03 June 1967
WRITER: David Whitaker
DIRECTOR: Derek Martinus
PRODUCER: Innes Lloyd
FORMAT: CD: Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks
TELESNAPS: The Evil of the Daleks: Episode Three

Toby takes Jamie to Arthur Terrel, a man obviously suffering from a mental disorder of some kind. He denies asking Toby to do this and drives him away, but while talking to Jamie suffers mood swings, a mild fit and denies things he said a little while earlier. The Doctor finds Jamie and brings him back to the house. The Doctor is commanded by the Daleks to isolate The Human Factor, the element that allows them to defeat the Daleks. Jamie to be put to the test and forced to rescue Victoria. Maxtible's servant Kemmel is assigned too guard Victoria and prevent Jamie from succeeding. The Doctor assures Waterfield that Jamie will co-operate but Jamie overhears them and has an argument with the Doctor during which he storms off to rescue Victoria aided by Molly the Maid. Seeking recompense for his services Toby breaks into the house and is exterminated. Jamie, seeking Victoria, finds the huge mute Kemmel blocking his path.

Lots of bits to the episode, which interrupts it's flow somewhat. Terrel is odd as a character: something has happened to him beyond his soldiering experience but what? The Doctor & Jamie arguing doesn't work for me though it's clever how the Doctor steers him into doing what he was meant to do anyway. The episode does feature a superb line, as Victoria is moved to different accommodation by a Dalek:
You will not be exterminated
This episode marks the last credit for Gerry Davies as Script Editor. He'll be back as a writer and, with co-author Kit Pedler, will be responsible for the creation of highly regarded, but now largely forgotten, science fiction series Doomwatch.

We do get to see the great Sonny Caldinez for the first time here. A tall Trinidadian, he's playing the mute Turk Kemmel here. He'll find his true calling in Doctor Who in three stories time. We've also got the great Windsor Davies in a brief guest role as Toby here. Joining the cast in the last episode was Marius Goring, a very well established actor who helped found the Equity union and twice served as it's president.

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