Saturday 28 May 2011

187 The Enemy of the World: Episode Two

EPISODE: The Enemy of the World: Episode Two
TRANSMITTED: 30 December 1967
WRITER: David Whitaker
DIRECTOR: Barry Letts
PRODUCER: Innes Lloyd
FORMAT: CD: Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World
TELESNAPS: The Enemy of the World: Episode Two

Bruce is taken in by the Doctor and leaves. The Doctor takes Jamie's advice and accepts the assignment. Astrid, Jamie & Victoria travel to the Central European Zone to meet the sympathetic controller Denes and to infiltrate Salamander's inner circle. At the research centre Benik is questioned about if he saw Salamander leave for Europe. Benik tried to speak with Salamander. Salamander talks to Denes about extinct Volcanoes in his territory and how he has a food record of predicting which may come to life. Farriah tells Salamander he has a call. Denes leaves but Fedorin stays behind talking with Salamander. Jamie & Victoria wait in a park: Astrid joins them and gives Jamie the card he needs to get into Salamander's palace. Fedorin talks with Farriah who reveals she is Salamander's food taster. Jamie arrives throwing Salamander's communication box over the balcony which explodes. The grateful Salamander admits Jamie to his guards. When he protests that he's here with his girlfriend Salamander says he'll find her a job too. He fetches Victoria, but they are seen with Astrid by the guard captain. Astrid meets with Denes. Salamander produces accusations against Fedorin blackmailing him into killing Denes in return for Fedorin succeeding him. The palace is shook by a volcanic eruption proving Salamander's predictions. Denes arrives and accuses Salamander of being responsible for the disaster. Bruce arrests Denes: Fedorin will be a witness against him.

The flavour of this story is becoming more like a James Bond spy story than Doctor Who with secret infiltrations and plotting but no monsters. But it's enjoyable enough so far as Troughton relishes his dual roles.

This episode, and the next, feature Ian Hines, the brother of Fraser Hines who plays Jamie, in the role of a guard. He's not the only relative of a cast member to pop up as a guard in this serial as we'll see in episodes 5 & 6. Ian Hines returns as a White Robot in the Mind Robber. Also appearing in the second & third episodes is George Pravda as Denes (pronounced Den-esh). He returns in the Mutants but is famous for his appearance as Castellan Spandrell in the Deadly Assassin.

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